Posted by Adib Mounla on Nov 07, 2017
Dr. Nabil Naja (Geriatrics Consultant at CMC Hospital ) Nd founder member  and ex president of the Lebanese Alzheimer  Association explained to the RCBC members and guests what's Alzheimer. 
As life expectancy  in lebanon is increasing we will see more and more age related diseases in Lebanon.  In addition,Dr Naja listed the commonly asked questions, explainec the brain changes that occur with aging , memory changes with age, how brain changes affect the memory. He listed the 3 stages related in acquiring knowledge (reception, storage and transmission of knowledge). 
DR. Naja explained what is mild cognitive impairment MCI, how it can lead to Alzheimer.  what is dementia ?what causes dementia ? 
Dr Naja ended his speech on a positive note by listing the new research being conducted for treatment, prevention and diagnosis and the prevention of Alzheimer.