Mr. Rami Khoury started his lecture with some thought s about ISIS, and he believes that ISIS will be defeated but the process with take some time.

Isis is the reflection of all the problems in the Arab world plus some support from Arab countries. Mr. Khoury believes that it is the mirror image of what went wrong in the Arab world.
Some that might support ISIS are poor or unemployed, knowing that many Arabs have difficult situations. Mr, Khoury believes that some see ISIS as an ideal taking into consideration their problems they will either join them or support them.
Some were attracted by the salary (400$/ month)  and activities of isis; for them it was like a land of opportunities the answer to all their problems. Some might have wanted the genuine Islamic values, others want an Islamic state, some want to have a purpose and ,meaning in their lives, or to revenge crimes that were previously done toward Arabs like the crusaders,....

How to defeat isis in the long term, it is not just militarily, we should remove the drivers in the region, or else more groups worst than ISIS can emerge