Posted by Habib Saba
          After months of zoom meetings and isolation, our club decided to brave the storm and conduct a physical handover to keep the valued tradition of the club. With a restricted number of attendees, masks and social distancing, the club had a very successful and fun handover between outgoing President Adib Mounla and Incoming President Habib Saba.
      The club was honoured with the presence of DG Mazen Alumran from the Kingdom of Bahrain via video linkup in addition to the physical presence of Assistant Governor Rami Sarkis of RC Beirut Cedars, DGN George Azar of RC Aley and DDG Samir Constantin of RC Sahel Metn from the District level.  Distinguished guests also present included Dr Riad Saade of RC de Beyrouth, a charter member of our club and its founding President, in addition to club charter members RT Samir El Khoury and Nabil Challah. Thanks to the power of Zoom, the official proceedings were climaxed with a warmly received address from DG Mazen Alumran who extended his best wishes to the RCBC President and Club for a successful year.
      This appearance and the zoom broadcast of the handover generally was enabled, with appreciation, by the Interact Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan. Per tradition, VP Joe Boulos assisted by PP Lina Shair and Rt. Joelle Fighali, gave the outgoing President Adib all the parting honors in a very humorous sketch which added much needed positive vibes.
      The evening was enjoyed by all who attended whether personally or virtually.
Thanks again IPP Adib and good luck P Habib!