Posted by Habib Saba on Dec 22, 2020
On December,Tuesday 22, 2020, RCBC was happy to give cheer and put a smile on the children of SOS Children’s Village at Bhersaf in the beautiful Metn region of Lebanon.
    SOS stands for Societas Socialis, founded in 1949 by Herman Gmeiner, an Austrian, to help orphaned children. SOS Children’s Village, stands for: A loving home for every child. It is a nonprofit National Association and a member of the International Federation of SOS Children’s Villages.
    P. Habib Saba, Amal Talhouk, and Farida Najjar with the help of NGO Chreek delivered and distributed food parcels from Burger King+ popsicles + personal gifts for the 42 children whose ages range between 3-19 years (and that is until they graduate and find the future awaiting them). Over and above, each child received a personal letter from another child of a similar age with the season’s compliments, which added to the warmth of this Christmas event. RCBC surely didn’t forget to offer food parcels and personal gifts to the 11 caretakers who play the role of (mothers) to those children.
    RCBC members always look forward for their annual Christmas project to draw a smile on orphans’ innocent faces.